The Essential Birthday Preparation Checklist

The Essential Birthday Preparation Checklist

There is only one day per year that is completely and unequivocally devoted to you. It’s the day in which you came into this crazy world, destined to share your unique gifts and talents with everyone around you. This day, is of course, known as your birthday.

 Birthdays are fun opportunities for us to celebrate our loved ones, as well as ourselves. Sometimes, it can seem like all we do is give and give. With a birthday, it’s time for everyone else to give and recognize what you have done in the last year.

 As a universal occurrence for everyone, no matter your background, age, or gender, birthdays are something we cannot escape (and that goes for the people who tell everyone they are turning 39 for 5-years in a row). It’s best to welcome them with open arms and create a celebration that makes life a little less serious. I think we can all agree our world has grown cold and hyper-serious, which is why we think it’s so important to take birthdays and use them as a day or evening of celebration.

 Not to mention, birthdays aren’t just for the affluent – anyone, anywhere, can grab a dessert and a balloon, and make memories that last a lifetime. They can be grandiose, or casual; whatever your preference.

 So whether you’re throwing a birthday party or celebrating your own, here is our essential birthday preparation checklist:


1. Cake and Candle – This can be a full-scale cake, or even just a slice that you picked up at the store. And if you don’t like cake, grab a desert cup or an ice cream cake. Anything sweet and delicious that you can share with your guest or guests will make the birthday something special.

2.Guests – Whether it’s one or two people, or 25 closest friends, birthdays are still a celebration with just a few people in observance. Choose the guest list that you feel is right for your celebration style.

3.Balloons – Who doesn’t love a little spectacle every now and then? Balloons have been birthday staples since the beginning of time. Not to mention, they are affordable, fun, and colorful, adding a special flair to the celebration in question.

4.Camera – In order to show pictures from this celebration to your children and grandchildren, or friends on social media, you need a camera! Most phones double as cameras today; but, if you’re serious about photography, don’t forget to bring your fancy camera.

5.The Birthday Man/Woman – Lastly, you need the birthday prince or princess to be in attendance! These celebrations are something both men and women love, which means they are completely neutral and perfect for everyone.

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